Co. Ltd  莱曼中国


pL SOLUTIONS (Shanghai) Co. Ltd 是瑞士莱曼设立在中国的销售及售后服务独立机构,负责销售、服务与pL CNC旋转工作台技术支持。 我们维修车间和服务部门拥有pL LEHMANN授权的技术工程师(PASE)和认证服务工程师(PCSE),并且在中国我们拥有转台核心备件和易损件的库存。 我们的技术人员可以在当地派遣现场维修、维护和升级服务,以最大限度地减少转台的停机时间。 您可以通过我们对最佳实践的成熟应用,了解如何将pL产品集成到您的机床中。

About us

We, pL SOLUTIONS Shanghai Co. Ltd are part of a network of locally owned, independent distributors and service specialists dedicated exclusively to the sales, service, and support of CNC rotary tables designed and manufactured by the Swiss firm Peter Lehmann AG (pL). We maintain a repair shop and service department staffed with factory-trained personnel, i.e. pL LEHMANN Authorized Service Engineers (PASE) or pL LEHMANN Certified Service Engineers (PCSE). We house a customized store of core spare- and wear parts. Our technicians can be locally dispatched for on-site repair-, maintenance and upgrade services in order to avoid or minimize downtime of your valuable machine park. You can rely on our profound knowledge of best practice as to how to integrate pL-products into your machine Tools.

中国团队 Our Team

Xu Weiguang
General Manager 总经理

Li Qiang
Technical Director 技术总监

Dorothy Xu
Sales Assistant 销售助理

Xu Lei
Service Manager 服务经理

Dai Gaoyuan
Service Manager 服务经理

Teddy Wang
Operation Director运营总监

Xu Yingbo
Project Manager 项目经理