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pL LEHMANN 40多年来一直致力于开发和生产CNC旋转工作台。真正的瑞士品质。凭借创新的CNC旋转轴,超高的定位精度和性能,采用标准模块化系统,通过不同的组合满足中小型到中型工件的经济生产的个性化需求和国际需求。



Since 1974 Swiss Rotary Table Technology

pL LEHMANN has been developing and producing CNC rotary tables for over 40 years. – genuine SWISS QUALITY. The experience gained is incorporated into our products and services. With innovative CNC rotary axes, organized in a standard modular system, we want to meet the international needs for economical production of very small to medium-sized workpieces in the machining industry by satisfying individual requirements with appropriate combinations.

We focus ourselves, our organization, resources and partnerships on this objective, immersed in a lean business system, where
we avoid waste of any kind. In this way we make a significant contribution to protecting the environment and conserving valuable resources. Our goal is to take a stance in the manufacturing industry that is long-lasting, sustainable and innovative – unpretentious, reliable and down to earth based on the principle "What may be briefly of interest, but wrong in the long term, will be discarded"